Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 6

Ah so I’m late!!!!! Man…this stupid thing with my originally messed up though functional schedule then trying to accommodate my relatives arriving and their messed up and non-functional jet lagged schedule just means I’m exhausted! Plus, for some reason I’m running errands for my mother! Grrr…I think it’s time to move to my father’s place and re-claim the privacy I so obviously need. The most noticeable consequence though is that I’m late in my Day 6 posting, and unless I get some privacy I don’t have any more songs recorded for Maria so technically, today being Day 7, I don’t have a song for her…Will consider solutions.

But today is Jason Mraz – I’m Yours.

So I first heard this song as part of a weird other song that used it as a sample, and I really didn’t like the song as all and only liked the parts where it was sampled, but I didn’t know it was a sample and so dismissed the song entirely, until Maria pointed out that the actual song, the sampled one that is, was by Jason Mraz and that the parts of the weird song that used it that I didn’t like were just weird other stuff completely non-relevant to the original which mean yay, I just went and got the original song and no longer had to listen to the parts that I didn’t like! This was when I was driving from my father’s place to VSM, right before left for China.


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