Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 4

So we keep trudging along! It might get a little harder for me to make some of these recordings though because I might be homeless starting tomorrow. Not exactly homeless, but at least very crowded and unable to operate freely. My grandparents got into town today, and though I was assured by my mother that they would not kick me out of the downstairs bedroom, they’ve kicked me out of the downstairs bedroom, and come tomorrow I’ll be kicked out of the upstairs bedroom because my mother and sister get into town and as much as I like sleeping on couches, sleeping on couches surrounded by my family moving around with me and my weird schedule that I don’t actually really mind isn’t my idea of a good time. But I anticipated this, and have recorded some extra songs because I most likely won’t get any recording done tonight or tomorrow, but my plan is to move on over to my father’s apartment tomorrow since he’s also out of town until the middle of the month or so, then crossing the bridge of everyone being in town and me with no place to stay when it gets here.

I’m also doing some web work; it’s a secret for now but it sorta rhymes with “oreo” and has to do with all the previous web work I’ve ever done and for those of you who may remember, this blog’s domain used to be one…

But this is Day 4, and I’m singing a Chinese pop song! It’s the only Chinese song I know and is apparently very popular; all the Chinese people, specifically the guys, know it. I learned this on the piano initially while working at the restaurant because my staff wanted me to play some songs for them. It’s sappy, it’s derivative, it’s a pop song, but whatever!

GuangLiang – TongHua (translated as Fairy Tale, it’s about a guy wanting to turn his outstretched hands into wings and some thing…)


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