Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 3

Day 3!

I think I’m making decent progress with this even, especially now that I figured out how to do this silly flash mp3 player embed things consistently. I’m also sending these to Maria every day in that email that I promised her, and I’m tracking it in our calendar so I don’t forget what’s been sent. And I’m really having to dig deep here to come up with new songs that I like to play. I mean, we’re talking about almost 60 songs actually before the entire project is over! That will be some body of music :)

This is Green Day, Time of Your Life (Good Riddance). I never quite understood the parenthetical actually…

This was the first song I ever learned to play on the guitar, and I think I taught this song to a good friend of mine as well way back when, while driving around town no less. I can claim with some shame and pride that this was the one and only time where I successfully played the guitar and drove at the same time; not to say I’ve ever failed at it!

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maria | July 1st, 2010 

This project is so nice :)

*positive reinforcement*


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