Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 1

So Maria’s in NYC for about two full months. She’s doing a finance internship down in Wall Street to get her first feel for the whole Investment Banking field. I hope she’s having lots of fun! So she requested that I email her every day, which I have so far I’m proud to say, but I thought to help myself with this project I need an overarching theme to hold it all together. So brilliant me…I’m going to record her songs and send them to her! :) I also promised to write her a new song, which I will but haven’t gotten around to yet, but I thought singing other people’s songs would also be enjoyable as I always like singing songs anyways.

So here goes Day 1!

The Beatles – I’ve Just Seen a Face

So the idea behind the song is actually from Across the Universe! I’d never heard this Beatles song before, as difficult as that is to believe considering how much of a Beatles lover I am, but there it was, and it was great, and I loved it, and here it is!


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