New Layout!

So I’ve been talking and thinking about this for a while now, and it’s come up in at least one blog post already, if not more, but finally we have a new layout for the blog! It is, for most intents and purposes, exactly the same but with a new color scheme. The old one looked too, grey, and I think Maria described this new one best as “glossy.” I like that, I think. Either way. The other point was to clean up some of the code behind the other one. That had been a theme somebody else developed which I had just heavily modified, but that meant none of the CSS class names were mine, and were actually in Italian of all languages so completely incomprehensible. I’ve tidied it up, translated it into English, simplified it really but to achieve the same results, improves some legibility and whatnot, and hopefully it still validates which I just realized I forgot to do and here I’ve almost closed Dreamweaver even. Either way. Um…so yeah, new layout w00t! I’ll proper blog at a later date I promise, and not “later” in the Chinese sense of the word to mean “never” but Western “later,” as in…later.

This was actually also inspired by the fact that I came across this header graphic that I had created many, many years ago for another project that never got off the ground.

[edit 2]
And it validates! And I even went through the trouble of making a screenshot and theme description and meta for the WP Admin.! w00t!


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