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Heh…neat. I’ll also write some updates. Me physical in China was quite painless, aside from the 7 vials of blood they drew. It was at this pretty big clinic that apparently specializes in physicals. It was quite obvious very early on that I would need lots of help so I was basically walked through the entire process; lots of smiling politely as I asked for a translation or someone to read the Chinese to me, which most of the time I still didn’t understand. It felt mostly like a US physical, but instead of one doctor they had many that specialized in a particular exam and you went from room to room filling out your little sheet that says what you want to do. All in all, quite a pleasant experience, and so cheap! I got more things examined than I could’ve hoped for at about 150USD, what would have cost me at least a grand in the States since I have to pay everything out of pocket. I pick up the results next week, and assuming everything turns out alright with the results process, I would highly suggest this experience to anybody in China needed a routine or not so routine physical since they do so many procedures. And yes, I also hope to be generally healthy and such.


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