Dream 2

This actually also didn’t happen today, but actually yesterday. Part of the problem I’m running into with my emotional distress is that it’s messing up my sleeping patterns. For instance, it’s 2AM and I’m awake and probably will be until well into the morning. Thankfully I have a full day planned tomorrow otherwise I’d most likely sleep until the middle of the afternoon, which is what happened yesterday. What that means is that I don’t get very good sleep either, because it’s bright, Maria’s doing things (not that I mind!), so I fall in and out and it’s really light and what not but the point is, I have very interesting and long dreams because I can come out and dive right back in.

I’m traveling in a tour group, visiting Seoul, South Korea. The bus takes us up to the riverbank to look at this magnificent suspension bridge that connects one side of the town to the other. (Incidentally, there is no such bridge, but there is a river) I come out of the bus and snap a few pictures. Then we’re told by our tour guide that the next spot we’re going to visit is on the other side of the river, but that we’d be swimming across it instead of going across the bridge because the bridge, being so beautiful, is not actually used but is really more of a decoration for the city. We all find this reasonable somehow, then fully clothed, with all our bags and such strapped to our shoulders, we dive into the water and start swimming to the other side.

Once we’re there, we’re walking down a sidewalk on a hill on a street of small gift type shops all over the place. We walk into a random looking one to buy some souvenirs because it’s going to be our last stop and we all want something to remember our trip by. I get in and look around and everything’s looking kind of familiar until all of a sudden, it hits me: everything in the store used to belong to me, and they had been missing for many years, ever since my house in LA was broken into. (There was a break in at my house in LA, but nothing was stolen)

I see my stamp collection albums, (yeah I’m a geek, I know), binders full of Magic the Gathering cards (yeah yeah, I know), old letters and birthday cards from my parents, drawings of my parents they had done, photos, and more. At this point I’m getting very angry because I see the price on all these things and it’s so expensive! There’s no way I’ll be able to buy all these things back. I then spot some things that don’t look familiar stuck with the things that I know are mine. There are these black binders, full of even more Magic the Gathering cards (rolls eyes…), though I never owned these things before. So I start cooking up a scheme to get all the things that were mine back, and then some.

I start making a big fuss in the store, shouting about how these things used to belong to me and I demand to have them back now. The person running the store is shouting back to me in Korean and I have no idea what he’s saying but I just keep shouting in that way that only tourists do when they have no idea what’s going on but insists that they’re right anyways.

Finally, the police show up, and they speak English so they can translate. I make a heart breaking case about how all these things used to belong to me, about how much they mean to me. I go through the photos and I say look, this is me and my father when we were up in San Francisco while I was a child. I point to the big binder of commemorative stamp envelopes (again, rolls eyes…) saying look, this was given to me by my mother; she had collected all of them for years to amass so many. I point at the hand drawn picture of my father saying look, he drew this self portrait and that’s really all I have left of him now. I’m crying and sobbing and making just a big to do. I recount in detail about the burglary that took place over ten years ago at my home in LA, how all of my precious belongings were taken away from me in one fell swoop. I say to the police officer, I demand to have these things back.

He and the guy running the store have a conversation in Korean that I don’t understand, then he turns back to me and tells me fine, you can have them all back, but you have to pay for them. Realize now that I’m buying everything in the store, because I’m pretending it all used to be mine, even the things that weren’t, because I really want those Magic the Gathering cards. So I say back, again, indignantly, that I will only pay a fair price, that I won’t be gouged for what used to be my property. They talk again in Korean, then the police officer says I can have it all for some ridiculously small amount of money, like forty cents. I’m taken aback, because I thought he was going to try to take me for all he could, and I’m glad because it’s so little to get so much. So I hide my happiness, and still through tears grudgingly accept the offer, all the while thinking to myself how hard it will be to take all these things in a bag strapped to my shoulder as I swim across that river again.

As the store keeper starts packing everything up, I notice there’s a small doorway in the corner. I go to it and find a thin staircase leading to a basement where a small boy is playing video games on a big TV; I think he’s the store keeper’s son, and I’m impressed at his skill. Looking around, I then notice that the bookshelves down there are full of Magic the Gathering cards! I start thinking to myself if it would be reasonable to try to claim that these used to belong to me as well and demand to have them “returned” along with everything else.

OK…I’m a dork, I admit it; but I do like Magic! :P I also think this dream may have something to do with my missing some of the things I left in the States, books mostly, but other, little mementos that help make a place home. I mean, our current apartment is quite temporary, but I would ultimately like to make a Home for Maria and I, and if I want it to really be HOME, it may need some of these things that helped define my childhood and ultimately my life.


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