Dream 1

This actually happened a little bit ago, but I thought it was neat and I still remember it now so I figured why not. Going forward, these entries will hopefully happen if not right after I wake up from a dream, but at least within the same day.

China is having a massive celebration for some reason, something akin to the 60th Anniversary that happened recently. There’s a large square with hundreds of thousands of people sitting on the floor in it. They’re all wearing color coded clothes for some reason, and in groups, so that the square looked like multicolored patchwork when viewed from the stage, which is where I am seated.

The stage was massive, with a big TV screen in the back that just magnifies what’s actually on the stage. There are going to be many singing performances by small groups, each singing some patriotic song commemorating China’s greatness. I had been approached at some point and invited or more rather insisted upon to sing. I was sitting in one of the patches of color in the square, looking at the stage, chatting with some people I didn’t recognize, until someone officious looking came up and requested my presence.

I had agreed to perform only under the condition that I would be given the music before hand because I told him I didn’t know the songs they were going to be singing. They had nodded in agreement, but the time before I was supposed to go up and sing was growing short and I was getting anxious. I looked around and found someone to talk to and asked them if they were getting me the music any time soon. They said not to worry, that I’ll have it in time. I go back to waiting for a bit, until I’m called upon again, and I’m thinking great, that must be my music, until all of a sudden a microphone is thrust in front of my face and the entire audience comes to a dead silence and my face is magnified on the big TV screen and I’m supposed to start singing.

The music begins, and it’s “Country Road.” (For those of you who don’t know, “Country Roads, take me home, to the place I belong. West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, Country Roads.” NOT that I knew the words at the time of the dream mind you! I had only heard the song in passing before and had most recently heard it while wandering around Kowloon in Hong Kong at the night market where they were selling pirated karaoke DVDs and this song happened to be on) So I don’t know the words, or the melody, and the music’s started! I’m singing with a small group, though I’m supposed to be the soloist, doing a kind of “call and respond” thing with the main melody, so I just fudge my way though it, making up weird harmonies, picking out words here I knew, and when I didn’t, just sang on a random vowel. It was quite embarrassing, and the audience wasn’t happy either.

They booed the entire time of the performance and when we had finished, someone came and told me how disappointed they were in me and all I could think to myself was how it wasn’t my fault; I just wanted the damned music.


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