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So it’s been a very long time since we’ve posted. And it may be even longer until the next post. Nor will this post be very substantive as far as its text is concerned. To summarize though…

  • Our visas still haven’t been processed. We need to leave the country again come March 15th.
  • My mother, who was coming for the Chinese New Year and would have lived with us and thus applied lots of pressure on us to move before she got here, is no longer, not until June or so, so the pressure’s off, though we’re still looking for a new place.
  • We have yet to find a new place, though Season’s Park, which Maria found, seems decent. The search will continue and there will be stories about the whole process now that Maria is doing it herself with English speaking agents.
  • I’ve been busy like no other, working 13 hour days 7 days a week, but the restaurant is doing well, or at least better
  • I’m having some trouble deciding what I want to do with my future in China as far as where or how I want to work
  • It will soon be Chinese New Year, my first one that I will remember in China
  • It’s snowing again, and this after I was told by everyone that it doesn’t snow in Beijing any more like my memories from my early childhood and was very disappointed by the news.
  • To follow will be more detailed posts, I hope.
  • And to immediately follow will be photos of my restaurant’s food! (Which everyone should come to…)

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emily | February 7th, 2010 

pretty pictures! very food-magaziney. most of the food looks recognizably ‘merican, hehe. and the place looks very nice inside too. i thought you said you were going to serve like pancakes and waffles though?!

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