First Snow in Beijing

It was an early snowfall this year. Apparently it’s good fortune. If it snows in November, it means the next years harvest will be bountiful, or something like that. It came on real fast, completely out of the blue. Incidentally, the mosquitoes are quite hearty and are STILL around somehow. And it looks like it’s going to snow again, later this week. Now I like the snow, and I like the cold. Any excuse to wear a nice wool coat is fine by me. But I wonder if this was all my fault, somehow. My father had told me that the past few years there had been little to NO snow in Beijing. I had been quite disappointed actually, because I remember from my childhood that the city was beautiful in the snow. Now that I actually show up though, and now that I actually need to get places, wouldn’t you know it, and the snow starts coming down :)


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