Tsinghua and Beida

These photos were taken when we first went to visit the two campuses. Maria had arranged to sit in on some of the classes at both schools, and we wanted to be sure we knew where she had to go. It was also on the way to ZhongGuanCun where we tried and failed to purchase our electronics (see previous post). I’m posting on her behalf, because she uploaded the photos to her computer, and they never got to mine. It’s an interesting issue we’re having because we have different cameras and respective camera habits; hers go in her laptop, mine in mine. It kinda means our photos get segregated, which is not necessarily a good thing, and leads to such situations where I’m stuck grabbing these photos off of where she’s already uploaded them, only to re-upload them again. I’ve also ported over her captions. Speaking of which…how’s it look with them…? This is the first time I’m using them.

Either way, here we go:


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