Chinese Units and Conversion Reference

I realize that I’m throwing numbers around quite willy nilly, and that it may actually be confusing. So I thought I should compile a reference of relevant units that crop up in our every day lives in Beijing.

Kilograms govern most weight measurements, and to get kilograms (kg) to pounds (lbs), just double the kg, basically.

“Jin,” otherwise known as a “Chinese pound,” is what foodstuff’s weight is measured in, and is basically the same as a “normal” pound.

Metric again…
1 meter basically equals 3 feet.
1 kilometer basically equals half a mile.
Otherwise there are actual “Chinese” units of measuring length, but I’d like to leave them out as it just confuses things, like the “Chinese foot”…….

This is easy, 1 square meter is basically 10 square feet.

Yuan and RMB or sometimes “Kuai” mean the same thing, Chinese money, and last I checked, it’s about 6.8 Yuan/RMB/Kuai to one dollar. So just take whatever amount of money I’m telling you, and divide by 7.

1 Yuan = 1 RMB = 1 Kuai = 10 mao (the Chinese dime) = 100 fen (Chinese penny)

Things are in kJ over here, kilojoules…divide by 4 to get normal US calories.

I think that about covers all the day to day…..


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