We moved in. I am so happy.

We are lacking a few near-essentials, and short on others, and I don’t yet know an easy way to get some of this stuff (do I really have to walk for miles to buy toilet paper?) but I have a water-boiling pot, a supply of tea, a shower that has hot water most of the time, a great place to run, long-desired internet, produce in the fridge.

Key to all of this: the running route. It’s a park, but I don’t have to pay admission (unlike my prior route). It gets crowded–I left at 730 this morning, and it was already quite populated–and I don’t think it is reasonable to expect to run there after noon at all, but I got my 6.5 miles (admittedly through multiple looping) quite satisfactorily. Some of the terrain is also hard on the feet/knees. I am going to go out earlier tomorrow and see if I can do some street running, but it’s nice to know that, if I plan appropriately, I can get a good run here.

As most of the essentials are falling into place, I am now steeling my nerves to get on to the real agenda–return emails re work, schedule Chinese class, get my recommendation letter templates out. This is almost real life.

The view from the stairs

The view from the stairs


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