Lactose and GMAT study (in which our heroine perseveres through unnecessary difficulties)

Don’t expect this post to be thrilling, dear reader. In fact, if you have an expectations of an interesting read, please dispose of them now, before continuing any further down this landmarkless road of an entry.

*Thank you.* Now…

I am mildly lactose intolerant. However, last night at the grocery store I felt the need to buy a gallon of milk. Today I not only had milk on cereal for breakfast, I was also struck by a desire to *drink* some of it this afternoon. This is all very strange. I was probably 10 when I last drank a glass of milk straight (i.e., unadulterated with Kahlua and Bailey’s or Ovaltine or anything else). It’s already upsetting my stomach. It was, however, very satisfying. Maybe my body was in dire need of calcium? Am I subconsciously aware that milk may not be readily available in China? Is it some unfathomable response to doing GMAT math problem sets?

In any event, I hope I will not regret the milk indulgence. There is reason for concern, as drinking milk is supposedly not a good idea before a run (clearly, I have never tested this bit of common knowledge, as I don’t drink milk…), and I haven’t gotten my run in yet today. Yesterday, I had a very enjoyable jaunt and even explored a bit of a neighboring town I hadn’t been to on foot before. This was not necessarily expected, as the air quality has been poor, the weather has been hot, and the need to adapt to a new environment have limited my distances and besmirched my times over the last six weeks. I have had few really enjoyable outdoor runs since July and I hope I have not destroyed an opportunity. We’ll find out soon enough, as it’s about half an hour before my schedule indicates its preference that I lace up.

In other news, I have worked through most of my GMAT book, which contains some truly puzzling misprints. I also flipped its pages in vain to find the answer key to a problem set I did, finally turning to Teh All-Noing Internets for the answers. I discovered that a veritable PDF volume, understatedly labeled “errata” and posted online, contains a re-issuance of the entire math practice chapter of my GMAT book. Nice of them to tell me, of course; still, I suppose I got some extra practice by reasoning why they could not possibly mean what they said in the practice book. (“You can use all the help you can get! Ingrate!! Cretin!!!”)

Oh, my stomach does not feel good. Not good at all.


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