Countdown: 1 Week, 6 Days

…and only three more days of work. This weekend is supposed to be the official “going away” party, and we’re seeing my friend Niki for brunch on Saturday, and maybe the Long Beach Lobster Festival on Sunday. Plus, there’s football to consider. Thursday is getting together time with my mother, next week is our last vacation up to Carmel, then my father is back in town, there’ll be some “hanging out” time penciled in for that as well, then it’s all over. Sounds pretty, busy.

Maria had a tough day trying to get her car sold today. More disheartening I guess actually, but I think the dealer is trying to con her out of the actual value of the car. She’s got a couple of people interested in third party sales, and at least a bottom line figure from one of the dealers, granted lower than both of us anticipated and lower than KBB suggested, so we shall see. Not much time left to get it done though, though, as pointed out, we could always just leave it at my father’s place.

And she needs to call the dentist tomorrow! This is my reminder to you Maria though you won’t actually read it I don’t think ;)

We bought our one way tickets to China on Sunday. Yes, one way. I had a short discussion about it at work today with a co-worker, and there’s something psychologically freeing about purchasing a one way anything; a one way train, bus, airplane, etc. ticket. It’s like, “getting out of dodge,” heading out on an adventure. A much firmer break from this particular era of my, our, lives, into the next. That’s what it’s always been, and always was, but to have actual “one way” tickets makes it that much almost physically meaningful.

We still need to purchase our health insurance, but that doesn’t seem to require too much hurry. And even with the best laid plans, I’ll be just a little bit short in my quest to be completely debt free. Not bad considering. I think I’ll re-consolidate the remainder and just leave it be. At least it’s no longer credit card debt. Feels like a good load off my shoulders, a good way to move to China.

We’ve also finished a bit of preliminary packing. We bought two big check-in style suitcases and managed to pack them full of Maria stuff. At our current estimate, there will be at least three more equally sized suitcases needed before we have all the Maria stuff packed. I will need one myself, making for a total of six check-ins, which we can’t actually do and so will take up my father on his offer to bring some luggage over for us when he returns to China on the 25th. We’ll also both have our laptops and carry-ons of course. I’m trying to wrap my mind around what to do with my desktop computer though. Granted, I’d like one in China, and if I don’t bring the one I have, I’ll have to purchase another. But it’s so a pain in the ass to try to bring over. My current thinking is that I might take it completely apart into its respective bits, pack said bits up well, and put it in my carry-on and purchase a new case in China; the case is the largest part…This will disappoint Craig a bit though as he’s been eying it from the moment our plans to leave the country leaked.

Ah and part of why I’m just a little bit short of successfully paying off ALL of my debt is that, and I didn’t know this, but my work’s payroll is actually on time, unlike all other companies I’ve worked for who operated a week late. I had been expecting my last paycheck, plus a week, but I guess that week’s gone and spent already. Minor wrinkle I’m sure.

I’ve been playing around with the concept of “legacy” in my head a bit lately, the most tangible form of which relates to work. I want to leave something behind, something meaningful. More than a stack of junk stuffed in the corner of my father’s garage, more than boxes of books at my mother’s, more than a chunk of programming code. I want it to actually all be meaningful, beneficial.

At this moment, I’d like to invite YOU ALL to come and visit :D

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maria | September 9th, 2009 

I read it, baby! See? You’re more important to me than you thought. ;) Furthermore, I called the dentist, AND I left a message. I don’t expect to hear back from him today, of course, but maybe tomorrow…and maybe I’ll be lucky and he can fit it in. I was talking to your step-mother about dentistry in China, and it sounds like a good thing to avoid.

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