New Feature & Countdown: 2 Weeks, 1 Day

So I realize I’ve been tweaking this install of WordPress a lot, and I think as soon as I do a WordPress upgrade, it’ll nix all the changes I’ve made, so I’ve started keeping track of the backend PHP changes I’ve been making. The point of the changes, of course, is to implement the new jQuery functionality, the tooltips, fancy transitions, etc. And of course, most notably new, the photo gallery feature. Pain in the ass actually to integrate Lightbox with the built in WordPress gallery short tag. But it’s working! I do think though I might set the image constraints to 600px max; it’s at 800px right now and though it fits across most browsers width wise, it’s a little tall. Hmmmm…

I also realize my WordPress install’s gotten a little bit, messy. Some of the plugins I tried using left database tables even after I deleted them :-\

And, most importantly, only about two weeks left! And only four days of work left! And uh, man my father wants me to delay leaving for China until the 25th because that’s when he’s going. I really want to just, ignore that, and go whenever I want.

Keep a look out for photo albums, under the photos sidebar.

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