Good times

Even though we’re eager to get out of here, I’m having a good time in these last weeks in the States.� Sean and I have been seeing so many more movies than we used to (“No more movies.”� “Yes more movies.� So many more movies!”� cf party cat)–and they’ve treated us well.� District 9, Gamer, (oo good movie!� Exceeds expectations!)…uh, Extract?� Pretty good.� Also more Star Trek.� Love it!!� Back in the day, Sean and I saw Wanted together–a good bad movie.� It set the tone for our willingness to tackle the, er, less classy options of the silver screen, and set the custom that we would enjoy what there was to enjoy in any film.

More widely, there’s more Sean-and-Maria time than during any previous point in our relationship.� He is still working right now, but I derived great enjoyment from giving three weeks’ notice, transitioning matters to unsuspecting younger colleagues, and leaving my job as a Suit in a (freezing) Office.� Result:� I get to ride public transit and spend my days at the library and the gym until Sean gets home, and then I get to spend time with him without even checking my lately-defunct Treo for work email.� Not a situation that can last forever, but– man does it feel like a win.� Like a really long, low-pressure vacation, with a mix of productivity thrown in.� (Most days I get a decent amount done, but no one’s demanding it too urgently.� Nice.)� I think another result of us having more time together is that he doesn’t feel pressured to spend every minute in which we’re both available with me in an active sense.� He is enjoying exercising his geekiness, in particular with respect to this blog.� Right now, he is sleeping next to me; when I woke up, I switched sides of the bed and he handed me Blankie while I got my computer.� He takes good care of his Maria.

Also since I’m no longer a suit, I get to wear running shoes about on my daily business.� This sets me up for that little run-across-the-street that feels good and turns into a jog of non-trivial length.� I’m considering bringing Sal with me everywhere so that in case of a spontaneous run she can record the event in appropriate detail for my records.� Her records are incomplete anyway, since I still do a good bit of my jogging at the gym, but I like having maps and stats of my runs outside.� Especially in exotic locations, like this charming little city in which I’m currently squatting.




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