My relationship with this blogging enterprise is a little iffy.� Not that its goals need be defined from the get-go, but I wouldn’t mind if they were.� Or, perhaps, if *my* goals were.� (I *have already* been giving it time!!)

I like the idea that this will serve as a record of what Sean and I accomplish, especially in China.� Right now, though, the accomplishments are pretty boring.� I got visas.� I completed my continuing legal education requirements.� I took my 401k rollover paperwork to the post office, again.� I did a GMAT practice quiz at the Arcadia public library and politely asked some makeup-wearing pre-teens to keep it down.� (I wasn’t sure why the 8 other people sitting closer didn’t take it upon themselves to do this, but when I left I saw that most of them were wearing earplugs and apparently watching videos on their laptops.� These did not appear to be particularly educational videos, either.)

I also like the idea that the blog will be a kind of online diary: recording my thoughts, serving as a vehicle for me to practice writing, helping me work through ideas and plans.� This possible goal is in part harpooned by the fact that an online diary is not private, and particularly by the fact that Sean will read it.� Is there any more obvious subject for a woman to treat in her diary than her gentleman friend? Of course, some issues are fair game: e.g. my thoughts on the immediately relevant question of what health insurance plan Sean and I should secure before leaving the country.� I may well treat the readership to this a bit later. 8)

The most appealing goal to me, though, is as a form of one-to-many communication (…or showing off?).� To the extent anyone cares what we’re up to in China, I can inform the masses without unnecessary duplication, merely by posting my amazing photos and describing my amazing experiences here.� Yeah, not so amazing to call Toyota dealerships to set up appointments to get quotes on what they’ll give me for my Corolla.� (Maybe I can get my picture taken with the winning dealer and post it here!!)

I admit that I’m already enjoying the benefit of additional Sean-insights.� (What did he write?� What on earth was he talking about?� Was that for real???)� Will he and I learn significantly more about each other from the blog?� (A slightly horrifying suggestion, actually–he tells YOU things he doesn’t tell ME.)� Eh.� I’ll take what I can get.

In the meantime, I acknowledge that the blog, like everything else right now, is allowed to be transitional.� Not that I mind being unemployed one little bit, but I can imagine improvements on the situation otherwise.

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sean | September 4th, 2009 

But you see, I didn’t know about all these things you accomplished today! And I think they’re worthwhile. I need to add them to our list of Milestones ;) I especially did not realize you had actually finished your MCLE; last we spoke, you were missing some stuff you had to look up online?

You can always mark actual private things as “private,” and though both you and I are able to see every post that’s made, if it’s “private” at least it’ll take effort, and we can just sort of agree to not make said effort? Or, I can make as many sub-domains as I want; we can created a with it’s own, Maria only, blog.

I do think it’s definitely a one-to-many type communication that I personally find most appealing. As I mentioned to you, I think I’ll code some form of photo gallery in this system as well, and we had talked about things like your running journal, maps of your runs, a recipes repository, etc. A one-to-many communication of yes, our adventures and every day happenings in China, but also of our general insights, of which I’m sure there are, and will be, many. I have just that much confidence in us.

I’m glad you posted though :)

You need to categorize and tag your post though! For organization’s sake…

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