Countdown: 3 Weeks, 2 Days

So it’s getting close. So close it’s driving me crazy. There aren’t really that many things left to do, but for me, it’s like the last week doesn’t count because we’re going to head up north for a little vacation, and I work during the week until then and I’m sort of counting those days lost. Plus it’s hot. The LA heat has finally, belatedly, graced us with its presence with a keen ear to the fact that it’s many months late and now must make up for it. But we have a fan. Finally we have a fan.

What’s left are truly the logistics: Visas, plane tickets, insurance policies. Packing’s an obvious one, but I think it’ll all fit. And the unexpected benefit of moving to a place that so many of my family members oft travel between is that should there be anything we need, anything we’ve left, it can be brought over.

We are planning a short vacation though, up to Carmel probably. Sometime during the week when it won’t be crowded; we’ll go to the aquarium. I am also quite convinced that work will implode without me, but that’s between you, me, and the bed post.

We have nearly exhausted the available supplies of travel books related to China and/or Beijing in the local bookstores. I think I’ve mentioned this before but it may be time to seek out online resources, at least online bookstores, though in all fairness it may be a little late for that as well. There are only 3 weeks, 2 days left before we go. I hope Maria can handle the consulate on her own…

She’ll be watching my sister next week, for a few hours during the day. We think it’s a plot by my mother to steal some of her time away alone. I more personally think it’s a ploy for her to see me as well because she knows I’m the kind of person who’ll want to drive Maria; get the girl, get the son. I think I’m wising up to her wily ways, but I’m not entirely sure if there’s anyway around them.

I’m hoping that the imminent implosion of my work will cause them to beg me to work for them remotely. Otherwise, I’m actually worried about getting a job in China. I have to be careful not to fall into the category of “Local Worker” lest I settle for a “Local Wage.” I’m actually feeling kind of useless as far as my skill sets go. And I can’t remember how many people have called us crazy to leave our jobs in this down economy. Maybe we’ll win the lottery and the point will be moot.

We bought one piece of luggage today, and I’m betting we can get one of the three boxes of “Maria clothes that she wants in China but doesn’t need in LA” to fit. I guess these are exciting times I live in. I’m hoping for massive success beyond compare.


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