Notice to VSM

I, Sean X. Luo, henceforth known as The Employee,
do hereby make known, in writing, as prescribed
by the bylaws governing such declarations,
henceforth known as The Declaration, that on
September the Eleventh, the Year of Our Lord Two
Thousand and Nine, he will depart and vacate his
current employment by V.S.M. Inc., henceforth
known as The Company, for all eternity, in
perpetuity through the Universe and for all time,
and that this declaration shall remain binding
and effective throughout all of The Company’s
directors, shareholders, officers, employees,
partners, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates,
subcontractors and assignees and so forth and
all of The Employee’s successors, progeny, affiliates,
and so forth.

The Declaration may be rendered null and void
and can only be rendered null and void upon an
agreement by both The Company and The Employee
at any time.

Sean X. Luo (the Employee)
August the tenth
The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine


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