Making it happen

Finishing up in the States is leaving me with a clean and ready feeling about moving on to China. It’s been lovely to see folks, and very nice to travel. Still, I feel very temporary and kind of displaced. Bouncing around the country makes China smell like stability. (Way to set yourself up for contrast, Maria.) Furthermore, as logistical issues are resolved, I can start working on securing continuity in the component parts of Sean-and-Maria life.

It looks as if a Beijing half-marathon will be held a few weeks after I arrive. Perhaps I’ll be able to run it. I ran at the YMCA in my parents’ town this morning because I slept in past the time I could reasonably run outside in this humidity. I’m quite pleased I hadn’t cancelled my LA membership yet. Good.

I looked up the GMAT testing center in Beijing. The location doesn’t mean a ton to me now, but I feel better to have confirmed its existence. It is in any event in the same “district” I intend to live in.

My best friend, Sarah, bought me a couple of books (one a Mandarin mini-textbook written by someone who helpfully has some training in modern academic phonetics) and so I learn a new phrase here and there…yes, being able to talk, that’s something I’d like. I’ve been reading some history and guidebooks as well. I’m sure I’ll learn much faster in China, but I feel better the more I learn beforehand.

Ai! I cannot wait. I also miss the Sean. I am enjoying my stay here in Ohio very much, but it is far from him and even farther than LA from the new challenges in China.


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