Countdown: 4 weeks, 6 days

I realize I’ve not introduced myself, nor my girlfriend. As I read back on some of the earlier posts, there are some awkward moments where I keep referring to her as “my girlfriend,” making the sentence a little disjointed. I’m still not quite in the mood to make proper introductions just yet, plus she’s out of town. Speaking of which, I will be out of town starting tomorrow or so until Sunday. I’m visiting some good friends in NYC then meeting up with Maria in OH to visit her parents. I figured since I’m taking their daughter to China, it’s only courteous that I introduce myself in person. But the point is, I won’t be making any posts as I’m not taking my laptop, probably won’t have consistent access to the internet, and am not tool-ish enough to make posts from my cell phone. Though I could. And maybe I will. But the actual point, the point of the initial point is, I don’t want to make introductions just yet. But I will at least formally give our names. I am Sean. My girlfriend is Maria. From this point forward, no more awkward “my girlfriend” references cluttering up my otherwise smooth and fluid sentences.

Plus I’m on time this evening. I got together with my ex., that would be my first ex. Hard to imagine that we used to go out almost a decade ago. I’ve only recently begun demarcating time in “decades.” I think the first time was a couple of days ago when I went to visit my mother in the hospital. Speaking of which, she had a baby and/or cantaloupe sized tumor removed from her uterus. I don’t know if the uterus is still there. It’s probably not cancerous. They’re testing it now. They found the tumor during x-rays/MRIs for her hip surgery, which she’s just recovered from. She had hip surgery not because she needed to, but because she wanted to; she’s had problems with arthritis and wanted to be able to run again. I’m sure Maria understands that particular sentiment actually. And that was a not-too-subtle hint at a psuedo-bio bit of information about Maria. As I was saying, I was visiting her, and we were talking about some things that happened in the past, just reminiscing really, and out came the word “decade.” As in: “that happened a decade ago.” Since when did my years grow into decades?

But so I got together with my decade ago first ever ex. We had Indian food. Chatted, caught up, traded stories. It was very nice indeed. I’m not sure why I’m writing so briefly on the matter, but I guess I don’t want to say too much about it. I sort of feel like I’m on a whirlwind tour of my now decade ago past. In the next just a little over a week time period I’m going to be catching up with as many people as possible from that time; people I’ve almost lost contact with; people I’ve been remiss in keeping up with; people I used to and well let’s just admit it still do care a lot about. I expect they’ll go much the same as one another. Catching up, chatting, trading stories. It’s actually quite emotionally tumultuous for me in quite an unexpected though I believe understandable way.

I don’t know if it’s been noticed, but as alluded to I did post proper fiction on here. It’s tagged so. I also embedded my music. I’m slowly coming to understand the template engine at work behind Blogger. As time goes on and I become less and less busy, as my proper commitments and responsibilities slowly slip away, expect much of the layout here to change as my understanding of it matures. And I’m having way too much fun constructing some of my sentences. And you know what will be fun? I should find the email I sent when I gave notice. I think it was brilliantly constructed. Expect it soon-ish.

Here’s the token “China” reference: Beijing.



maria | August 19th, 2009 

Here Maria makes her dry and unilluminating entrance at last, from her parents' slow desktop in Ohio.

I made some effort to access Sean's entries while away. I was unsuccessful. Today I found there have been several. I was woefully behind.

After having read all of the posts from the beginning, I suspect that (today at least) my own writing will be contaminated by Sean's style. I also realize that it is highly unlikely I would ever be comfortable with my family reading this blog in its entirety. (Darling, I do not want my dear old dad reading any post of yours that contains the word "erection." I do hope you understand.)

That realization sets me at ease. The decision has been made. We will merely hide certain of the posts. We may now freely confess away :)

That said, I can safely disclose that my own mind has been taken up with dry and logistical matters. Today I may have finally slept enough after visiting the twins. I am nearly free of whatever bug caught me on the way out of LA. I have checked various items off the Sean and Maria to-do list. Addresses have been changed; health insurance approval has been reviewed; money has been transferred.

This blog is a story. You noted that it's not so far entirely focused on China, Sean; I think this bit might be pounding the weeds to make the ink that our story will be written with. That, or we are easily distracted. ;)

In any event, homelessness has its benefits, but I cannot wait for the two of us to settle down in Beijing.

sean | August 19th, 2009 

When did I write the word "erection?"

Ah; in the fiction huh?


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