Countdown: 5 weeks, (1) day

So I’m a little late in my updates, but this is my girlfriend’s last night with me for a week or so; she’s heading back East to visit her sister and family in MA and OH. I’m going to go join her next weekend, just for the weekend. I think I’m there for all of 24 hours. The East Coast is like, just close enough to do on a weekend, but just far enough where it’ll exhaust the hell out of you. But that’s why I’m late. We went out today, saw some sights, watched a movie, had dinner, and packed. I’m setting up her old laptop for her father at the moment, and without going into too much detail, I’ve discovered it’s actually harder to do things the legal way when it comes to operating systems. So I’m going to keep this short. Because it’s been a couple of hours already, and it’s going to be many more. Or at least, there is an upper cap: I can’t work on this for longer than the next four hours; that’s when we have to get ready to go to the airport. So let’s hope I’m finished somewhat before then so that I can get a little sleep.

As far as the whole original point behind this blog goes, everything’s still on schedule. She purchased her gap insurance; hopefully everything’s all good with that and she’ll only need it for a month and it’s only if she needs it, catastrophes and the likes. I’m thinking she won’t actually need it, but it’s responsible. We perused the local bookstore looking for good travel books for China and specifically Beijing because I’ve only recently realized that I’ve never been there on my own before, per se. What I mean is, every other time I’ve been there has been with family, friends, etc.; people I felt a responsibility for, or that I was looking out for. I never did any ‘exploring,’ any ‘adventuring’ on my own. I don’t even know what China/Beijing is like at night because I’ve never been there and was out at night. It’ll be like seeing it all again for the first time, as sappy as that sounds. But I really do think that’s true. China’s also changed so much over the past couple of years, I imagine it’ll look quite foreign to me.

Ah but the point was that we were looking for books, and failed to find any. The selections were limited, weak, and geared towards…richer folk. People looking to experience something, and not necessarily from an integrated “I’m living in it” kind of sense but more in that, “Let’s see what the most expensive and hip bar is.” Not really my scene, literally. So I think I’m going to look online, see the larger selections available at the online booksellers and hopefully find something more appropriate. In the end, I think it may just come down to going there and living there and meeting the locals. I mean, I’ve lots of cousins, and some of them are girls, and some of them are single and in their early to mid thirties. They gotta go out right? They must know what there is to do in China/Beijing at night.

Alright. Back to babysitting the computer.


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