Countdown: 5 weeks, 2 days

So I’ve been very bad about giving notice at my work. I figured, it’s still more than two weeks away, and that’s all that they’re really entitled. And I guess the other thing is that the dates are all a little tentative, or as I put it in my last post, arbitrary. It’s all dependent on such flimsy things as whether or not I’ll be able to pay off my debt by x date. I mean, it is sort of logical, to want to skip the country with as little tying me down as possible, but kinda silly also. Either way. Still shooting for September 14th, 2009, still shooting for September 11th, 2009 as my last day at work. Gonna make it happen. That technically gives me until the end of the month to give ‘official’ notice.

We talk about it a lot at work, half joking that I’m ‘abandoning’ them. They know I’m leaving, and roughly when. They needed to know some kind of firm date so that they can begin interviewing for my replacement. I’m hoping they get a girl :) Any girl; the office needs one.

It’s been just one perpetual Friday all week. Monday it felt like Friday. Tuesday it felt like Friday. Etc. And each day I was disappointed that it was not. So now that it is, I’m somewhat relieved. All day I was completely taken aback by the realization that yes, it actually is the end of the week; I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Speaking of which, the commute sucks! To go from Arcadia to Calabasas and back each day is a hundred miles. And I’m driving my father’s truck. Granted, it’s fun being king of the road in this huge monstrosity of a vehicle, but the gas mileage is horrible. Temporary though, as is so many things now. Which gets me down a bit, the lack of foundation. I can’t wait until things are settled on one at least one front of my life so that I can concentrate and focus on the others, the more fun ones; it’s no good to be stressed by the logistics of it all.

I’m also playing around with the idea of posting fiction on here. I wonder if that will go over well.

This was a really pointless post. I’m just kind of rambling and ranting, spewing written crap at my laptop in a shifty daze of exhaustion and heat.


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