Countdown: 5 weeks, 3 days

I’ve sort of just picked an arbitrary date: September 14th, 2009. That’s what the countdown is for. This will be the day that I move to China. Not to spend too much time hashing over the finer details of what has lead up to now, suffice it to say I will be going, and with my girlfriend. Her last day at her job will be tomorrow. My last day will be September 11th, 2009. Whoa. I’d like to think that’s karmic and somewhat auspicious.

We will be going for a number of reasons: business opportunities, personal and career development, school, rest and relaxation. We intend to go there with little to no knowledge of what we’re getting into, while there figure it all out, and return, at our leisure, of our own volition, a huge success in every possible way. It will be an adventure.

I had been playing around with the idea of having some way to keep track of all that’s happening, all that will happen, etc. I do have a good bit of programming background of my own so I had thought that it might be fun to develop my own CMS/Blogging software. But I have no time. And Blogger has treated me reasonably well throughout the years, so I figured, why not.

My girlfriend will also be writing and posting. Our writing styles should be massively different, so that will make for entertaining reading I expect. I also think we’re immature enough that we’d comment snidely on each other posts with all manners of backhanded comments and sleights of verbage.

I will also make sure to introduce ourselves properly, in full, later. For now, I think this is good, as an opening statement. Not too short, not too long, not too grandiose, but just eloquent enough as to be somewhat annoying, and encapsulating in so many words what could have just as easily have been summed up as: I am very excited about this new adventure on which I, we, are about to embark.



sean | August 7th, 2009 

This is a test comment. It's a little narcissistic to comment on your own post, let alone be the first one, but I need something so I can see what it will look like.

Anonymous | August 8th, 2009 

This is an anonymous post.

[insert witty remark here]

(and I always refer to you as my girlfriend)